Broadsheet Job Club: Designer



The ‘cracking’ team responsible for the news-spreading-but-not-by-us social media stat widget whatsit [on the right] are looking for a designer/graffiti security at their Dublin-based operation.

In some damn hipster ‘hub’, if you’re not careful.

Founder Paul Quigley sez:

This is a full time position with significant creative control. In the next six months you’ll be leading design work on projects including:

  • Making changes to UI and features in Spike, based on user feedback, testing and customer interviews.
  • Opening up our consumer site functionality, and working on our widgets for our off-site network.
  • Engineering our user journey and signup flow. We have great products but we’re still working on getting them under people’s noses. Intelligent user journey design will be a big part of getting this right.
  • Mobile app design, including planning better Facebook and Twitter integration for our apps and bringing a user experience perspective to further product development.
  • Some brochure and other graphic design for marketing materials.

Chompsky sez:

We can’t speak for them as bosses but out ‘user journey’ with Newswhip has been lovely to date.

We Want To Hire A Great Designer (Newswhip blog)