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After the statement [by the Catholic Bishops of Ireland] was issued, Cardinal Sean Brady told RTE that the bishops believed that the legislation was a denial of religious freedom.

Cardinal Brady said the bishops had not discussed if Communion should be refused to politicians who supported the bill.

In February, Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis and the head of the Vatican court, urged priests to withdraw communion from politicians who supported abortion legislation in Ireland.

He told the newspaper The Catholic Voice that the legalisation of abortion in Ireland would create a “culture of death.”

Cardinal Brady said that though the bishops were calling on parliamentary representatives to oppose the bill, “there would be a great reluctance to politicise the Eucharist.”

Politicians, he said, “have an obligation to oppose the laws that are attacking something so fundamental as the right to life and they would have to follow their own conscience.”


We’ve missed him.

He’s been a wafer so long.


Oh, suit yourselves.

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