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Graham Norton has told how he doesn’t want a statue of himself to be erected in his hometown of Bandon, Co Cork, on foot of proposals from the organisers of Cork Rebel Week, Cork’s Gathering event.

Mr Norton told What’s On TV:

“They haven’t made one yet thank god. Thank you for reminding me – I must write to them and beg them not to. It’s such a waste of money and it would look hideous!”

But, from organiser Paidraic O’Kane:

“The organisers of Cork Rebel Week and the Bandon Host Town Committee are currently involved in very positive talks with Graham Norton with regard to his involvement in our forthcoming week-long celebration.”

“Mr Norton has communicated to our Bandon committee that he feels, during these recessionary times, a statue would not be an appropriate proposition, which we were happy to take on board.”

“However, he has expressed his support of an alternative proposal, the details of which will be released very soon by Cork Rebel Week.”

“We are very much looking forward to a visit from the man himself in October, which we feel will generate a great deal of positive attention for Cork.”

“Mr Norton has graciously expressed his intention to visit his hometown of Bandon during the festival, (dates permitting) for this alternative proposal to honour him and his fantastic contribution to Cork.”

“We are obviously very excited to have received such a response from Mr Norton and we are looking forward to sharing our new plan with the public in the coming weeks.”

Graham Norton: I don’t want a statue of me! (What’s On TV)

(Thanks Edel O’Connell)

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