He’s Not Unhappy


FERGUSSON DAVID 2010He just squints like that in the sun.

We’ve been asked to print the fairly strange clarification made on today’s ‘Morning Ireland’ by Cathal MacCoille at the behest of the Iona Institute.

It regarded on-air speculation about New Zealand Professor David Fergusson’s state of mind when he discovered his research was being used by the Iona Institute

As the institute are usually such sticklers for this type of thing we are happy to oblige.

‘On Tuesday, May 7th, we broadcast interviews with Professor David Fergusson of Otago University, Christchurch, New Zealand and with Professor Patricia Casey, Consultant Psychiatrist in UCD and the Mater. The subject was the reported unhappiness by Professor Fergusson at the way his research was being interpreted by pro-life parties to the abortion debate here. In the course of the interview with Professor Casey, I said that Professor Fergusson had said he was unhappy at the way the Iona Institute had been citing his research. In fact, Professor Fergusson did not say he was unhappy with how the Iona Institute quoted his research and we’re happy to clarify that.


Listen To Professor Fergusson’s interview here and YOU decide

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Pic: University of Otago

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