Those New Oireachtas Allowances In Full


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The new Parliamentary Standard Allowance to reimburse Members of the Dáil/Seanad for certain expenses.

The regulations reduce the travel and accommodation costs by 10% for travel to Leinster House (25% reduction in the case of Dublin Members).

Regulations will require evidence of spending to be produced for expenses accrued under the public representational allowance (PRA), however there is still room for a small level of unvouched expenditure for “incidental” expenses.

As well as reducing the PRA expenditure limits to €20,350 for TDs, €16,000 for Ministers and Ministers of State, and €12,225 for Senators.

The secretarial allowance scheme has been amended and now requires evidence of all expenditure.

And the pre-paid envelope allowance is reduced.

Oh, the humanity.

Statutory Instrument: Oireachtas Allowances

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