Defending Bono


U2's Bono Without Bill Clinton 'Universe Just Wouldn't Be As Friendly to Humans'Some of Bono friends have responded to the publication of Harry Browne’s non-music related book on the singer, which declaims him as a tax-avoiding, neo-liberal puppet who has got it wrong on Africa…

Rather than sue, Bono has authorised his closest associates to challenge the accusations levelled in the book.

Ex-president Bill Clinton said: “Few people have done more to mobilise a global response to the fight against poverty and disease than Bono. He is one of the most effective, committed advocates I have ever met for debt relief and aid for the poorest nations, and for increased funding to fight Aids and other diseases whose victims are overwhelmingly young and poor. We are all in his debt.”

…On the tax controversy, Mr [Jamie] Drummond [co-founder with Bono of Third World debt advocacy agency, One] says Bono is actively campaigning for taxation transparency. “Bono pays all taxes that he is due all over the world, including those in Ireland. He is campaigning for transparency in offshore financial centres. Bono is spearheading an anti-corruption campaign.”


The Martyrdom Of St Bono (Adam Sherwin, Independent)

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