Why Do The Best Ones Always Go?



[New South Wales] Fair Trading has received a number of reports of an Irish male going by the name of John and using the unregistered company name Affordable Building Services touting for business throughout the inner Sydney area including North Bondi, Surry Hills and Marrickville.

“Itinerant conmen are ruthless and will often seek out the most vulnerable – the elderly, the infirm or those struggling financially – to siphon off thousands of dollars,” Mr Stowe said.

“They pose as affable tradies, promising home building and maintenance work at unbelievably cheap rates and then demanding scurrilously high deposits. They then either abscond with the deposit or carry out the work to such a poor level it invariably costs the home owner thousands of dollars more to have the work rectified.”


Public Warning: Irish travelling conman hits Sydney (FairTrading)

Thanks Mark Geary


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