The Largest LEGO Model Ever Built


small_lego x-wing1small_lego x-wing6 ku-xlarge-2ku-xlargesmall_lego x-wing2ku-xlarge-3 ku-xlarge-1
This 1:1 scale rebel fighter, built from 5,335,200 bricks, is 42 times larger than the LEGO 9493 X-Wing model it’s based on.

13m long and 3.5m tall with a 13.5 meter wingspan, it weighs nearly 21 tonnes and requires the support of an internal steel skeleton.

Built at the LEGO model shop in Kladno in the Czech Republic and shipped to New York, the model (a promo for Cartoon Networks upcoming LEGO Star Wars animated series The Yoda Chronicles) is currently on display in the middle of Times Square.


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