Fingleton, His Bonus And The ‘Government Contact’


9008185200116569(Michael Fingleton, top, and Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan, above)

There’s a bonus point.

“The government contact stated that that the question of whether or not I was legally entitled to the payment did not arise; it was the fact that there was a public perception that I was not entitled to the payment.

The Government was on a ‘political hook’ and the only way the matter could be resolved was by returning the one million euro payment.

After two days of contact and discussion it was agreed by the government contact that if I voluntarily agreed to pay the one million euro, and thus releasing them from the political hook (a creation of their own making), there would be full and complete closure to this matter.
It was stated that there would be no further interest in this matter or in my pension entitlements by the State

Indeed I was assured there would be a positive official comment made on the matter.
At all times the Minister for Finance was fully aware of these discussions…”


A letter from Michael Fingleton to Danny Kitchen, chairman of Irish Nationwide Building Society, September 25, September 2009. From ‘Fingers by Tom Lyons and Richard Curran

Cowen, obviously Anyone?

Commercial Court to fast track action against some former Irish Nationwide directors (RTE)

(Photocall Ireland)


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