Classic Cars In Your Area


car1 car2Twice now, the stunning Volvo P1800 has been mentioned as someone’s idea of a proper classic. Here’s one I found along the [Grand] canal. It was in pretty good nick. At first glance, I thought it was a VW Karmann Ghia!

car4car3The Renault 19 is an uncommon sight on the roads today. This is a post-facelift model from 1995 with a 1.4 engine. The owner has had it since the late 90s if I remember correctly.

car5car6I’m unsure of what this car is. It has a Ferrari label on the back and doesn’t look unlike one of their 1970s supercars, though a search done by a friend proved fruitless. This needs a lot of restoration and has been lying in the same spot since at least 2007, and probably a lot longer. What a shame…

Pica and text: Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins