Classic Cars In Your Area


car1 car2Although it might look underwhelming, the once-revered Daihatsu Charade has disappeared from the many roads it once travelled. The 1.0L, 3 cylinder diesel had a reputation for bulletproof reliability and economical motoring. The sporty GTti and GTxx were known for the punchy 1.0L turbo engines and are much sought after today. The Charade was also available in the even rarer small saloon body shape.

car3car4The BMW 635CSi demonstrates all I loved about the marque’s styling techniques in the late 70s and up to the early 90s. An aggressive “shark-nose” which peters back to a luxurious yet sporty rear end – the reason why it’s probably the most beautiful production car I’ve ever seen. This one had an automatic transmission, which I don’t fancy, but I’ll own one some day!

car5 car6What might look like a slightly modded Opel Kadett/Vauxhall Astra is, in fact, the range-topping GSE model. My guess is that it is a post-1988 model and, therefore, fitted with the bigger 2.0L engine (previously 1.8L before emission regulations forced a change). I found this seemingly forgotten example near O’Brien’s Bridge close to Limerick city.

Pics and text: Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins

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