Everyone Is Different



The closing moments of an encounter between an irish woman and two men, both black, Waterford last night.

Man 1: “It’s nothing got to do with you?”

Woman: “I didn’t raise this.”

Man 2: “I did, I did.”

Woman: “All apes come from Africa.”

Man 2: “All the monkeys and shit, you know.”

Woman: “Yes, all monkeys are, right, you should be in the trees actually.”

Man 1: “You’re awful.”

Man 2: “Yeah?”

Woman: “Swinging out of the trees.”

Man 1: “Go away.”

Woman: “You’re not…you’re uncivilised, you are. And do you know I spent six months, sorry…”

Man 1
: “No, I’m not talking to you.”

Woman: “I spent six months in America, right, and most, the most crime that, in America, is committed by African Americans.”

Woman: “He knows that.”

Man 1: “Everyone is different.”

Woman: “No, the most crime in America is committed by African Americans.”

Man 2: “Let’s go. Bye, nice talking to you.”

Woman: “I know that you’re walking away from…”

Geoff writes:

The lads were sitting outside a chipper when this woman came over and started to verbally abuse them. The language is horrific. I’m absolutely disgusted that people still hold views like this. Her views are not welcome in this country.