Classic Cars In Your Area


car-21987 Renault 4: “A common sight on Irish roads in the past was the Renault 4 and these were even used by the Department of Posts & Telegraphs. A huge production span of over thirty years means that millions have been produced. An interesting feature on these vans was the column gear-change (gearstick beside the dashboard). Although the van was most popular in Ireland, the car was originally a small hatchback and exists in other body styles too.”

mustangcar1Ford Mustang: “The Ford Mustang Mk 1 was put into production in 1964 becoming one of the most popular cars to ever grace the roads and spurring on a host of imitators. This is the GT model which is a fastback version and visually based on the high-performance Shelby Mustang.”

-3-41976 Citroen CX: “Citroen have always had an avant-garde twist to their styling that is all the while quintessentially French. The CX is no exception with it’s long front, curved rear and hydro-pneumatic suspension system. This is one of the earlier models but they were built up until 1992 with very few major styling changes. It was replaced by the Citroen XM.”

Pics and text: Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins

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