The Current Staining Will Be Addressed


GraftonYou may recall last Monday’s post on Grafton Street’s new paving and the stains on the same, above.

Well, Dublin City Council is on it.

It writes:

“…Some concerns have been expressed about staining on the new paving stones. The Grafton Improvement Scheme (which includes repaving, new public lighting and street furniture) will play a key part in improving Grafton Street as a retail environment and a destination. The finished project will be of a very high standard. The current staining will be addressed as follows:

“Once the current Phase 1 is fully completed (the section from South King Street to Chatham Street), it is proposed to thoroughly clean the entire area and a sealant will be applied to the stone. This sealant will facilitate the future cleaning of the paving and the removal of stains, gum and dirt.”

“As granite is a natural material it is normal that stains appear initially. Use and weathering will reduce the appearance of stains.”

Stains are more noticeable because of the recent very dry weather and the lack of rainfall, which in normal circumstances would wash away much of the staining.

So now so.

News and update, Dublin City Council

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