Holding The Line


3215Back in the day.

Images from the Irish women’s movement by Rose Comiskey part of an exhibition entitled Against The Tide, at the Avenue Road Gallery, Portobello, Dublin in association with PhotoIreland Festival 2013.


The exhibition is photographic record of the “campaign for reproductive rights in Ireland in the 1980s” and the passing of the 1992 amendment to the Irish Constitution.

Rose writes:

Images 1 and 3 are from a right to know march in Dublin c1985. It was illegal to publish any information on abortion and English magazines and newspapers were censored as they came into the country….Image 2 is of a protest puppet – a judge – one of two. The other was a bishop puppet… and Image 4 is from an event in 1992 after the X Case when hundreds of women went to Holyhead on the ferry for the purpose of bringing back information on abortion.


Against The Tide (Avenue Road Gallery)

Pics: Rose Comiskey

Thanks Therese Caherty

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