The Hipster Armada


tumblr_mqq23iZNe11qzamioo3_1280Exif_JPEG_PICTURE hoboboat_9 hoboboat_13tumblr_mqq23iZNe11qzamioo6_1280 tumblr_mqq23iZNe11qzamioo5_1280 tumblr_mqq23iZNe11qzamioo4_1280 tumblr_mqq23iZNe11qzamioo7_1280 tumblr_mqq23iZNe11qzamioo8_1280Swimming Cities – a half art project, half utopian experiment by street artist Swoon (aka Caledonia “Callie” Curry) – is a wonderful, ramshackle flotilla of ‘hoboboat’ rafts made from recycled materials that floated down various US canals and rivers (including the Mississippi and Hudson), stopping off to gather building materials, play music and generally freak out squares along the way.