Monumental Indifference


0341merrionThe cenotaph in remembrance of Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith on Leinster Lawn, Leinster House, Dublin, 1923, top, and its slender 1950 replacement, above

For the day what’s in it.

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

A report on on the radio today stated that no memorial to Michael Collins exists in Dublin apart from a small bust in Merrion Square. It is worth noting that in fact there WAS and it was removed in the 1940s.
It was originally a temporary memorial [in plaster by Albert Power] to be replaced by a permanent structure but De Valera had it removed during The Emergency (Dail question about the matter here). Then replaced it in 1950 by the ‘almost invisible obelisk’ by Raymond McGrath.

Nice downsizing, Fianna Fail…

Pics via Archiseek, Oireachtas