Art Deco To Go


art-deco-motorcycleart-deco-motorcycle-2 art-deco-motorcycle-3art-deco-motorcycle-5 art-deco-motorcycle-4 A meticulously restored Henderson Streamlined concept bike owned and maintained by motorcycle collector Frank Westfall of Syracuse and looking as if transported intact from the golden age of industrial aerodynamics.

The Antique Motorcycle Club Of America sez:

The hallmarks of the era were unbroken curves, teardrop shapes and parallel lines suggesting speed. In addition to cars, trains and other things that actually moved, these design elements showed up in streamlined toasters, streamlined radios and streamlined cigarette lighters. Even the Chrysler and Empire State buildings, finished in 1930 and 1931 respectively, feature sleek, pointed peaks and dominant vertical lines from bottom to top, like great rockets ready to streak into the heavens.

Henderson, which operated for just ten years between 1921 and 1931, was one of the original ‘big three’ US bike manufacturers, along with Harley Davidson and Indian.

bikeexif/Pix: knuckleduster

(Hat tip: Jesustonight)