Save The Sirens



The Ormond Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin.

Escaped boomtime demolition.

But still not safe.

Environmental activist Ruadhán MacEoin writes

Scene of the setting of the Sirens episode in Ulysses – The Ormond Hotel – is proposed for demolition and redevelopment.

Although the building behind the facade is understood to be largely unoriginal, the facade is of integral importance to the character of Dublin’s 18th century quays – and indeed to Joyce’s Dublin.

The proposed scheme neither retains the character nor would be sympathetic to the historic quays – being bulkier and higher than the adjacent terrace

Peculiarly the plaque (top) noting the Joyce Sirens Episode connection disappeared recently, apparently just before the current planning application was made.

A coincidence no doubt…

Deadline for objections September 2.

Planning application details here.

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