805561547From the author of Showtime.

Penguin Ireland writes:

They had promised a new politics. They would stand up to Europe (Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way), get the country working again (Fine Gael’s five-point plan), reverse the culture of favours and jobs for the boys, resist vested interests and protect the vulnerable. But the ink was hardly dry on a coalition deal when senior figures in both parties knew that not a word of their election rhetoric would be realised – the economic situation was worse than their direst imaginings.

This is the story of trying to govern a country on the verge of ruin – the favours, the deals, the policy compromises and previously unthinkable choices that had to be made. It is a gripping tale of high drama (and high dudgeon), of betrayal, backstabbing and disillusionment, of those who rose to the challenge and those who withered under the strain.


The Price Of Power (Penguin)

Pic via Pat Leahy

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