We Are All Equal In The Presence Of Debt


pipA professional said so.

Further to the Jim Stafford ‘unequal insolvency’ brouhaha

“I think in fairness – and I didn’t hear this story yesterday, I’ve only seen what was written about it since then. I don’t think he meant exactly what he said, and even if he did, irregardless – the PIP [Personal Insolvency Practitioner] process is based on equal treatment for all people who have debt. It doesn’t matter whether… [interrupted by panelists]..You know what? your answer to everything is to be negative. It is a solution for people who have been waiting on it for a number of years, who find themselves in debt caused by the crisis your Government completely ignored [continued interruption by panellists] The practice in the UK of Insolvency Legislation and the PIP process equivalent in the UK has an 85% success rate.”


Regina Doherty, Fine Gael TD on Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3 last night.

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