Broadsheet Trailer Park: Grudge Match



What you may need to know:

1. It’s Rocky Vs. Raging Bull. For laughs.

2. A decade ago, Sly Stallone was officially over. Then he did Rocky Balboa (2006), Rambo (2008) and The Expendables flicks. Now he’s fundraising for indie flicks on Kickstarter.

3. Bobby De just turned 70. Fingers crossed for that late-career renaissance. We’re not holding our breath, mind.

4. Did they forget to add ‘From the director of Anger Management (2003) and Nutty Professor 2′ (2002)?

5. Alan Arkin turns up in what can only be described as ‘the Alan Arkin role’.

6. Who’s Kevin Hart? He’s popular enough to headline at Madison Square Garden.

7. Prognosis: Stallone’s first (intentional) comedy since Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot? (1992)  We haven’t been this excited since Analyse That (2002).

Release date: Xmas

H/t Jack Jones

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