Yahya Jammeh B*stard


Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 01.22.15Meet Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, who last Friday in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly said the following:

The biggest threats to human existence are basically three and are a consequence of human behaviour which are ungodly attributes. These are:
1.Excessive greed, and; therefore addiction to gather
material wealth by any means necessary mostly through
violent or immoral schemes;
2. Obsession with world domination by any means including the resolve to use nuclear, biological and chemical
weapons to achieve this fanciful dream;
3. Homosexuality in all its forms and manifestations which
though very evil, antihuman as well as anti-Allah; is being
promoted as a human right by some powers

All these three have nothing to do with climate change and are more deadly than all natural disasters put together.

..we know for a fact that all living things need
to reproduce for posterity. They become extinct when they can no longer reproduce. Therefore, you will all agree with me that any person promoting the end of human reproduction must be promoting human extinction. Could this be called promoting human rights when you advocate for a definitive end to human reproduction and procreation? Those who promote homosexuality want to put an end to human existence, it is becoming an epidemic and we Muslims and Africans will fight to end this behaviour. We want a brighter future for humanity
and the continuous existence of humanity on this planet
therefore we will never tolerate any agenda that clearly calls for human extinction.

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Previously, in an interview with Al Jazeera he claimed he could cure AIDS (but only on Thursdays) and asthma (Saturdays).

Gambia: Gays are biggest threat to world, President Yahya Jammeh tells UN (The Independent)