daleast-amateur-promisemelbourneaustralia2012 daleastlondondare-wall1londonuk2013 daleast-vienna-austria2013r daleast-vienna-austria2013a daleast-osteoplasty.cmiami-usa2012m daleast-discount-evolutionrochester-ny-usa.2012.7.c daleast-counterattack-company-1johannesburg-south-africa2012Incredible 3D animals rendered as if by metal shards by South Africa-based Chinese street artist DALeast, who travels the world applying them (illegally) to public spaces with one eye peeled for the local rozzers. Sez he:

Life always give one troubles but my work gives me a lot of opportunity to face these troubles. Any situation can arise when you work in the public space. I hope I am creating illusions through my paintings that can be a switch for people’s minds. I like to express life-emotions and the environment, and use different artistic forms to speak. I prefer people staring at my work without saying any words – it means they are taking it in.