Allsop Admission




The last Allsop auction, in July, was cancelled due to a large protest, which included Ben Gilroy, top left, and Tom D’Arcy, top right.

Conor Pope, of the Irish Times, reported at the time:

“An Allsop Space property auction in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin had to be cancelled yesterday following a protest staged by a number of groups who said they were angry at the sale of family homes repossessed by banks.”

“As soon as the auction started at 9.45am, a man got to his feet and started protesting about the sale of a pub in Newtoncashel, Co Longford. He appealed to buyers not to bid on any more of the items which were up for sale.”

“(A spokesman) told The Irish Times that security at the auction was “obviously inadequate” and said a decision on where to hold subsequent auctions had yet to be made.”


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Allsop property auction cancelled due to protest (Irish Times, July 5, 2013)

Allsop Ireland

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