Peak time DARTs normally operate with a mix of 8-carriage, 6-carriage and 4-carriage trains. The effect of this issue will be that most DARTs will operate as a 4-carriage train, and a small number will operate as a 2-carriage train.  We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

This is due to a refusal by drivers to carry out a coupler check before DART trains leave the depot to enter service.

This check verifies that an electrical connection is complete through the train when multiple DART units are connected together.  It has been necessitated by a number of incidents in which drivers received false indications on door interlocking.

The check is temporary in nature, as a modification is to be carried out to the fleet which will address the issue.  Drivers had been carrying out the check since its introduction last month. However, following SIPTU indicating, outside of agreed procedures, that it would no longer cooperate with this check, they are not being carried out by drivers today resulting in shorter trains.


Reduced peaktime DART capacity due to driver issue (Irish Rail)

Dart Dispute Will Cause Delays (Breaking News)

Pic via Spencer Christie

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