And Then I Saw Jesus



Somewhere in Portlaoise.

Donal Moloney writes:

Here’s something you might like for the day that’s in it. True story. I have a bit of a fetish for abandoned and decayed buildings [Urbex].
I was driving through Portlaoise a few months ago and in the corner of my eye I spotted an old, burnt-out abandoned house.

The front door was chained but with a little shoulder power I managed to squeeze through, into the hallway. Nothing much downstairs so I tip-toed up the very charred stairs hoping I wouldn’t go through it.

I gently pushed open the main bedroom door and was confronted with this. Almost shit myself! Someone had gone to the trouble of strapping a 7 foot crucifix to the rafters with electrical wire and barbecuing Jesus.

I lashed out a few frames before some curse was bestowed upon me.


Donal Maloney