animal-10animal-9animal-7animal-5animal-3animal-1Animal Earth is a 320 page book featuring extraordinary photographs of some of the world’s most obscure and eye-candiful species compiled by a panel of animal specialists and researchers.

The book, published by Thames and Hudson will be released mid November.

Above: the ‘sea angel’, Clione limacine (pic: Alexander Semenov); a toxic nudibranch sea slug Chromodoris annulata (pic: Arthur Anker); a Bougainvillia superciliris jellyfish with a hitchhiking Hyperia galba amphipod (pic: Alexander Semenov); the compound eyes of a cynipid wasp (pic: Tomas Rak); the colourful tentacles of a tube-dwelling serpulid polychaete and a segmented annelid (both pix: Alexander Semenov).