Caravan Of Love


BZhGOFjIgAAHUVJ.jpg large BZhHu3wIMAAhjuv.jpg largeBZhQHYVIQAAktx-.jpg largeUS diplomat Meghan O’Sullivan pictured earlier at Camp Twaddell (yes) with Winston ‘Winkie’ Irvine.

Irvine was recently named by BBC’s Spotlight programme as a UVF commander.

Camp Twaddell was set up as a ‘civil rights camp’ to support loyalists who have been prevented from marching past Ardoyne shops.

Meanwhile, the Parades Commission has given the go-ahead for a loyalist parade in Belfast city centre on Saturday week.

G’wan the flegs.

Parades Commission gives go ahead to Belfast flags parade (BBC News NI)

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Pics: Claire Marie Graham

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