Reflections In The Desert


phillipksmithlucidstead1 phillipksmithlucidstead9 phillipksmithlucidstead6 phillipksmithlucidstead4 phillipksmithlucidstead2

A light project entitled Lucid Stead by artist Phillip K Smith III unveiled last month in the high desert at Joshua Tree in Califormia.

Composed of mirror, LED lighting, custom built electronic equipment and Arduino programming amalgamated with a preexisting structure, this architectural intervention, at first, seems alien in context to the bleak landscape. Upon further viewing, Lucid Stead imposes a delirious, almost spiritual experience. Like the enveloping vista that changes hue as time passes, Lucid Stead transforms. In daylight the 70 year old homesteader shack, that serves as the armature of the piece, reflects and refracts the surrounding terrain like a mirage or an hallucination.


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