Picking Discs For Tykes


cdsdvdsNot as easy as it looks.

You may recall the Golden Discs competition from a few week’s back. Winner ‘Tickle’ donated his/her winnings to  Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin , Dublin.

Providing the poorly youngsters and exhausted front line staff with this eclectic selection (above) of CDs and DVDs for Xmas.

Tickle writes:

Can you thank Aideen from Golden Discs HQ for all her help? Lovely person to deal with. Plus all the staff at their Nutgrove Golden Discs store for their help… I’d like to add, it is a lot harder to pick 10 music CDs/DVDs for kids than you think! :)


Damn Daft Punk-loving, under-the-weather mini-hipsters.

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Crumlin Children’s Hospital

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