Casual Stocking Friday



Frilly Keane writes:

Just arrived this morning. Cork Socks, handmade and highly recommended A Stocking (personalised n’all) as a Stocking Filler, already wrapped…N’ change from 25yoyos [€25} What more d’want?

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Mark Lloyd writes:

I have a book of absurdly funny short stories which my newly-founded Limerick-based publishing house has prepared. It is by the new Irish humourist Thaddeus Lovecraft. Please, please, please let your lovely, nice-smelling patrons know about it for a stocking filler.

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karls brotherOur Karl writes:

Galway fireman calendar [in aid of Custic fibrosis] for the Christmas stockings. €5 plus postage. My brother is Mr April* (above).

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Irish Made Stocking Fillers top No charge.

*actual fact.