No Fleg Shona



Last December Saw our fleg depart
And it wasn’t okay
‘Cause it’s not on display

This year
We want it to reappear
That’s basically it in a nutshell


‘Last December’, a Wham! parody for charity by satirists Loyalists Against Democracy (LAD).

LAD were born a year ago this week in response to loyalists protesting at the flying of the Union Jack from Belfast City Hall solely on designated days.

The single, launched last week with proceeds going to SOS Bus NI, climbed Amazon’s mp3 chart and was a 10/1 bet to make the Christmas Number One spot.

Until a Dublin musician called ‘Frankie Regan’ made a complaint to the music distributors claiming the lyrics were sectarian and SOS took the decision to step away from the single.

‘Frankie Regan’, it has since emerged, is a known anti-Lad lad from Coleraine.

Good times.

Swine-y Todd (Loyalists Against Democracy)

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