Back To Where You Once Belonged


14/5/2012. Campaigns For Fiscal Stability Treaties Minister of State Brian Hayes (left) spoke on BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight on Friday with presenter Ritula Shah.

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Ritula Shah: “There are a lot of people emigrating. A lot of people are voting with their feet and getting out and there is a question if austerity is to continue, you know how much more can people take?”

Brian Hayes: “Well, emigration has been a feature since our independence from Britain. In the last 12 months, yes, 80,000 people have left. But 50,000 people have come back. And of the 80,000 who have left, half of them were non-Irish nationals who were going back to third countries where they had come from originally in the European Union. There is a lot of churn within the population figures and I think what we need to do is to keep those people in Ireland because they’re going to be the social entrepeneurs, they’re going to be the business start-up people of the future.”

Right so.

Listen in full here.

Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland