Storyful Eh? I’ll Remember That Name



[Rupert Murdoch and Smithers, top and, above Storyful founder Ned Flanders Mark ‘Moneybags’ Little]

News Corp has just announced that it is acquiring Storyful, a Ireland-based “village square” for social media news, aggregating stories found on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, and verifying the sources in the process.
The price is €18 million ($25 million). News Corp. says that it will continue as a standalone company post-acquisition.


News Corp Pays $25M For Storyful, Which Digs Up And Verifies News From Social Sites Like Twitter And Instagram (TechCrunch)

“Above all, Storyful will honour its partnership with the awe-inspiring community of reporters, thinkers, activists, pioneers and entrepreneurs making journalism fit for purpose in the social age. Today is a good day for that movement. Social journalism is no longer a problem for the news industry … it is a solution.”

Mark Little, today.

Murdoch and social journalism? Hahahahahaha


Will he leave RTE now?

This time next year, Rodney

Fair play though, in fairness.

Jammy Fupper

Storyful Joins Forces With Newscorp (Mark Little, Storyful)

Ruper Murdoch (actually looking at Storyful) pic via Natalie Ravitz

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