Very muchly.

We will be posting throughout the ‘holiday’ period but will return proper on Thursday January 2.

Less frequent but NOT idle.

Karl is having a “look under the bonnet” during Xmas and may introduce some improvements to Broadsheet’s design and useability in the new year.

If you have any suggestions for the site or the apps in 2014 please leave them below.

Karl has kindly promised to address every query in a non passive-aggressive manner.

Thank you to everyone who visited and commented regularly in 2013.

A raised tay to these ‘regulars’ in particular (but in no particular order)…

Clampers Outside; Bacchus, Sheila, Kieran,  Frilly, BBop, Fat Frog, Mani, Mikeyfex, Continuity Jay Z, Domestos,Reppy, Sgt. Bilko, Caroline, Woesinger, Mick Flavin, Jockstrap, realPolithicks, Gingivitis Rex, Rory, Garthicus, Sinabhfuil, TK ickle; Scottser; Jess; Jungleman; Todd; ‘Original’ Helen; redmum; Good Helen; Sibling of Daedalus; Phil; Frilly Keane; Scooperman; ineverthoughtidenduphere; Medium Sized C; Rumpleforeskin; Spud; ReproBertie; Dylad; DHaughton; Happy Molloy; Custo; Mani; Tom; Tommy (controversial one); Gaz Top; Tommy (other one); Pidgeon; SpaghettiHoop; Fluffybiscuits;; Sam; Zardoz; SBY; ABM; Mister Mister; Staples; MNM; MileySilage; Mick Flavin; Mr Meh; Pat Mustard; Am I Still On This Island; Buzz; Jimmythehead; Garda Patrol was RTE’s Best Theme Tune; Bob; ahjaysis; Domestos; missred: Postmanpat; Drogg; Kieran NYC; PK; A Tomas; Pedanto; Custo; FFS; Planet of the missing biros; Mikeyfex; Bingo; Sidewinder; ZeligIsJaded; andyourpointiswhatexactly; Mé Féin; Hellsie; Nikkeboentje; The Northern Ireland-Pat Spillane Reconciliation Initiative; Robbie; Bisted; Down with that sort of thing; John Gallen and Salmon of Nollaig.

Happy Xmas, in fairness.

From all at Broadsheet