By John Moynes

First we admit that we are powerless over literature, that our lives have become meaningless.

Then we came to believe that only a power greater than ourselves could restore us to clarity.

And so we decided to turn ourselves over to the care of an editor, as we understand them.

We made a searching and fearless inventory of our vocabulary.

We admitted to our editor, to our ourselves and to another poet the exact nature of our typos.

We prepared our poems for submission.

We humbly asked our editor to remove our clichés.

We made lists of all persons we had harmed.

We wrote verses of apology to our victims.

We continued to draft, redraft and start to write again.

We sought through reading and reciting to improve our conscious contact with Heaney, Joyce and Yeats as we understand them.

Having had a literary awakening as the result of these steps, we went to Grogan’s, and told everybody.

Pic: DublinStreets

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