Phil In The Blanks



Last night Environment Minister Phil Hogan appeared on RTÉ One’s Prime Time to talk about the Irish Water controversy.

Everything is fine, he assured presenter David McCullagh…

Phil Hogan: “There is a perception being created that this particular money is just being spent on just accountancy and solicitors’ reports, that is not the case and I think that Mr Tierney at the committee today laid that out very well, in terms of the essential infrastructure that’s required to set up a public utility company for water from scratch.”

David McCullagh: “Yeah, sure but what, I mean, TDs, backbench government TDs, TDs, like Barry Cowen [in studio], Fianna Fáil, and others in Opposition TDs, ask a simple, straightforward question ‘how much is being spent on consultancy in Irish Water?’ No answer comes back from the Government.”

Phil Hogan: “Well, what I do, is I don’t micro manage what’s happening in Irish Water. And I don’t, we as Government set down the policy position and the overall amount of money that has to be spent, to set up this particular public utility company. And deputies have an opportunity to bring in Irish Water before the committee on a regular basis, or as often as they wish. And I don’t believe that I, as Minister, or certainly Irish Water, are in any way, other than expecting the highest transparency.

Watch interview in full here

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