When The Whistle Blows



[Former garda John Wilson]

“We started to discover clusters,” he says. “Myself and the other man. We started seeing the same names coming up again and again on the Pulse [Garda computer] system and we realised that certain people were being looked after; that people with connections in Irish society, from judges to politicians to celebrities, were having their points quashed and that this was happening in every town in the country.”
Wilson, along with his colleague, brought a sample of their findings to an individual within the force called the Confidential Recipient, who was responsible for dealing with internal complaints.
“…But when nothing happened we decided to bring the information to an Independent TD, Clare Daly and to use that old vernacular expression – that’s when the shit really hit the fan.”

Garda whistleblower John Wilson speaking with Robert Mulhern of The Irish Post this week.

Mr Mulhern has made  a radio documentary about Mr Wilson, called The Garda Who Limped. It will be broadcast tomorrow [Saturday] on RTÉ Radio 1 at 2pm.

It can also be listened to here.

Is Garda whistleblower simply ‘a rat’ or Ireland’s answer to Edward Snowden? (Irish Post)

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