“That’ll Teach You To Whistleblow”



Journalist Michael Clifford spoke to Pat Kenny on Newstalk this morning following his articles in today’s Irish Examiner about the anonymous penalty points garda whistleblower.

It has emerged that the sergeant – whom Mr Clifford describes as WB – was subjected to disciplinary action in relation to a computer suspected of containing child pornography images which was seized from a paedophile priest Michael Molloy in Kill, Co. Cavan but subsequently went missing from Bailieborough Garda Station.

This happened after he attempted to highlight what he believed was malpractice within the gardaí.

WB had nothing to do with the initial investigation and was the only officer subjected to disciplinary action in relation to the loss of the computer.

From the Pat Kenny Show:

Pat Kenny: “Listening to all of this, it leaves me with the impression, reading what you wrote this morning, and in this conversation with you, it’s kind of: ‘that’ll teach to whistleblow’.”

Michael Clifford: “You could easily..”

Kenny: “I mean that’s the conclusion that I’m left with, I may be wrong.”

Clifford: “Yeah.”

Kenny: “That’s the conclusion: that you actually stick by your colleagues, you don’t rock the boat, you don’t create scandals, you don’t damage the force and, if you do, you know, you pay a price.”

Clifford: “I’ll put it to you this way, to you Pat. In today’s piece, I quoted legal opinion that was obtained by sources, associated with the whistleblower and the legal opinion of having reviewed the case, suggested that it seems, the whole thing was connected with this man whistleblowing and it was described as shambolic.”

Meanwhile, ‘WB’ will go before the Public Accounts Committee on Thursday to discuss the amount of money he and fellow whistleblower, and former garda, John Wilson believe the State has lost as a result of the quashing of penalty points.

Last year a box of evidence was sent to PAC which apparently contains thousands of examples of multiple terminations for individuals.

Last Saturday, the Irish Independent reported that the Garda Commissioner, who will also go before PAC on Thursday, intends to refuse to answer any questions about the box of evidence.

John Wilson, Michael Clifford and John Devitt will be on TV3’s Tonight With Vincent Browne at 11.05pm tonight.

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