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Melancholic, cinematic tinkling?

Of a Friday?

Oh go on then.

The Front – Conor Walsh

Conor writes:

I’m just wondering if you might be able to help me out with a vote in the shortlist for this years Other Voices Derry competition. I’ve made a shortlist of 5 acts, one of which will perform at ‘Other Voices’ live event in Derry in a few weeks. The shortlist has been put out to public vote. I’m not a fan of mixing music with voting but this is really such a massive opportunity. The performance will be recorded live and shown on the ‘Other Voices’ TV show. I don’t know if you know the Other Voices show/festival but it’s internationally renowned and has featured some amazing artists like John Grant, Villagers, David Gray, Amy Winehouse. A share [or even a vote] would be really appreciated.

Watch and listen above.

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Pic: Debbie Hickey