You’ll Want To Do Your Accounts Every Day




Blummin’ cheek.

Peter O’Connor, of Bullet, writes:

We saw your request to the nation looking for people who make stuff in Ireland. We haven’t made this product out of bogwood but it’s handmade over 2 years here in Dublin with just as much TLC.  We’re a community powered free online accounts product that’s looking to shake things up for all those long-suffering web, design, and maker folk out there. Here’s our mission statement, we hope you like it.

‘In today’s online age, people value their online voice and the impact of sharing it with the community. The internet has decentralised traditional channels so we know the power of change is back with the community, we know the power is back with you.
In the time Bullet has been engaging with the community, we’ve seen a huge network effect with our product and we wanted to bring that out. Bullet accounting and invoicing is 100% free with no caps for ever. To keep it free we ask you to share your experience on Twitter with a community of like minded people to help everyone.

It’s free.



Irish made stuff marked ‘Irish made’ stuff to Totally FREE.