Hard Day At The Coupe


rinspeed-XchangE-autonomous-electric-car-is-a-living-room-on-wheels03rinspeed-XchangE-autonomous-electric-car-is-a-living-room-on-wheels05rinspeed-XchangE-autonomous-electric-car-is-a-living-room-on-wheels06 rinspeed-XchangE-autonomous-electric-car-is-a-living-room-on-wheels12 rinspeed-XchangE-autonomous-electric-car-is-a-living-room-on-wheels11 rinspeed-XchangE-autonomous-electric-car-is-a-living-room-on-wheels09

The XchangE – an ‘automotive study’ unveiled in the run up to the Geneva Motor Show by Swiss auto lab Rinspeed.

Built by Esoro and based ion the exterior style of the Tesla S, the car – dubbed ‘an office and living room on wheels’ – has swiveling seats with 20 lockable positions, a steering wheel with user hand recognition, a 4k gesture-controlled rear monitor and 1.3m wide html5, cloud-linked driver’s display.

The headliner has an ambient lighting system with 358 individually controlled LEDs. There’s a Swiss made ‘patravi traveltec’ watch encased in a transparent globe embedded in the dash.

Oh, and an espresso machine.

All of which will count for nought when a five year old gawks a semi-digested effusion of wine gums and chocolate milk into the rear footwell.