11% Of The Images ‘Contained Undesirable Nudity’



Hello you.

Mark Dennehhy writes:

Seems the GCHQ [UK intelligence] were watching all of us through our webcams from 2008 to 2012 and shipping the data back to the NSA. And 3% to 11% of the images “contained undesirable nudity” (begging the question, what do the NSA class as “desirable nudity”?). …Charles Stross, sci-fi writer of some renown from Scotland, has the best take yet on this:
Turns out, UK law on child pornography and the GCHQ’s status as a defence agency and not a law enforcement agency, makes for a bad combination from GCHQ’s perspective (they may just have become the worst case study in child pornography in the history of the UK).
And the automatic porn filters that GCHQ were trying to use on the images collected should result in future Al Queda videoconferences being held “in the nude, on Yahoo! video chat” :D


GCHQ intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users worldwide (Guardian)


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