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The Pet Shop Boys featuring Miss Pant’s [Rory O’Neill’s] ‘Noble Call’ speech from the stage of the Abbey Theatre last month.

Pet Shop Boys release new song based on gay rights speech (NME)


Dr David Robert Grimes writes:

“Another major reason for the persistence of homophobia may be a defensive reaction, rooted in fears and discomfort about one’s own sexuality. A 1996 study by Henry E Adams et al at the University of Georgia in the US took a group of self-identified heterosexual men and split them into two groups according to whether they openly expressed homophobic sentiments. The groups were then shown heterosexual, lesbian and gay pornography while bloodflow to the penis and erectile changes were recorded.

“While both homophobic and non-homophobic groups experienced increases in penis circumference when exposed to the heterosexual and lesbian pornography, only the homophobic group showed an increase in response to male homosexual porn. Furthermore, when asked to rate how arousing the material was afterwards, homophobic participants declared it had no effect, despite their penis saying otherwise.

“This led the authors to conclude that “Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

“In a similar vein, a 2012 study found that individuals who experienced low parental approval were sometimes motivated to conceal same-sex attraction, leading to exaggerated defence mechanisms including homophobia.”

Similar vein eh?


Why is it proving so hard to root out homophobia? (David Robert Grimes, The Guardian)

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