Now That’s What We Call Decent




A playlist of the best decent Irish Rap on video to date.

Hip hop producer Alan Newman writes:

“Over the past three to four years, Irish Hip Hop has enjoyed regular radio play time, national Television coverage, thousands of YouTube views across the world and support slots with major artists visiting Ireland with huge audiences.
“Below is a List of the top 20 videos I would recommend to anyone not clued in on Irish Hip Hop as of yet. I’m happy to say there are mountains of good videos and artists that didn’t make the cut this time. I’m hoping this will be a good starting point for people to go and check more of the work from each artist listed. Alternative suggestions welcome…”

1. RíRá – ’25 O’Clock In The Mornin’

2. Costello feat G.I. – The Representatives

3. Collie – Stuck For Words

4. Sammy Dozens – Ready For War

5. Rob Kelly – Jack The Ripper

6. Lethal Dialect x JackKnife-J – 13 ‘Til Infinity

7. BOSS LEVEL – Part One

8. Nu-Centz – Do You Really Love Me ft. Funzo –

9. The Apartment Six Club – Five Years –

10. Siyo Ft. Funzo – Drunk

11. Nugget – Irish Tune ft. Siyo & Class A’z –

12. Jambo – The Human Condition feat. Willa Lee –

13. The Infomatics – Wake Up

14. This Side Up – Power

15. Sons Phonetic – Casino

16. Messiah J & The Expert – Bloodrush

17. Dizzy Daz – Originality Correct

18. Bitter Rocc – Lord Forgive Me ft Chris Haze –

19. Funzo – ft. Leiko – Take Some Time

20. Class A’z – I’m Back

Compiled by Alan Newman


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