You may recall yesterday’s Sex Siopa competition to win his ‘n’ hers adult toys from ireland’s first health and design focused  sex aid shop.


“My friend kevin Whitty deserves a designer sex toy because he’s got is an old Nokia 3210 that has got so much use it doesn’t even vibrate any more (therealkevinwhitty)

“My friend pussy deserves a designer sex toy because she’s a c***.” (Dolly)


“My friend (me) deserves a designer sex toy because I am in the throes of redundancy arguments with the company I work for and would rather be in the throes of passion. Also I broke my last one and will be way too broke to buy a new one :)” (Katia)

“My friend joey deserves a designer sex toy because hes a design student doing his thesis and deserves a good one when he can! :) …plus the design is probably enough to get him going! :P” (John Boden22)

John’s ‘friend’ Joey wins a Red Dot design award winning Tenga 3D masturbation sleeve and Katia wins the brand new Minna Limon programmable vibrator. Winners AND Runners up win a box of Sir Richard’s’ condoms. Rarr.

Thanks all.

Sex Siopa

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