Labour Didn’t Get The Memo


[Environment Minister Phil Hogan, of Fine Gael]

Further to Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s announcement in the Dáil yesterday that the average cost per household in relation to Irish Water will be €240 a year,…

The Irish Examiner reports:

“[This figure] was not signed off by Labour who said they did not get the memo proposing these costs until late on Tuesday night — with little time to examine the complex document before yesterday’s morning cabinet meeting.”

“Yet they believe Fine Gael expected them to sign off on the memo yesterday in an effort to “railroad” the planned costs and charging method without adequate discussion. “We feel we’ve not been treated well by our partners. The two issues are adequate metering and affordability. It [Cabinet] was a heated discussion,” said a senior Labour source.”

Kenny sparks Labour fury over push on water charges (Irish Examiner)

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