Ode To The Man With No Name



Smash TV’s homage to the Old West – 30 years of westerns condensed into a single hour starring Clint Eastwood.

Sure where would you get it?

Painstakingly assembled from more than 50 Western movies, ranging from Sergio Leone’s early Spaghetti Westerns all the way up to 90s reimaginings such as Desperado and Wild Wild West, Gunslinger serves as a humble attempt to pay homage to one of the longest running and most influential genres of the silver screen. Whether your loyalty lies with the trusty sheriff, the dastardly villain, the ruthless mercenary, the opportunistic thief, or the unpredictable vigilante, it provides a thrilling look at heroism, betrayal, greed, loss, and justice in a time when law and order was as rare as the gold men killed for.

If you liked that, check out the two previous hour-long specials in the series: Skinemax (an ode to late night TV and B-movies with Kurt Russell) and Memorex (50 minutes of vintage 80s adverts ripped from VHS starring Ronald McDonald).


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