Dressing Down RTÉ




A video entitled ‘RTÉ – views dressed up as news’ was launched by a new pro-life group called Hear Both Sides at the National Vigil For Life in Merrion Square, Dublin this afternoon.

Hear Both Sides writes:

For years, RTÉ has flouted its statutory obligation to provide balance when covering right to life issues like abortion. During the past year, this has been particularly apparent where RTÉ repeatedly failed to provide any objectivity when the abortion legislation before the Dáil was being discussed.

Hear Both Sides has one simple goal – to bring the message about RTÉ bias to the wider public to give people an opportunity to consider the evidence and make up their own minds on the issue.

RTÉ only goes big on abortion stories (whether based on fact or not) that challenge the pro-life side. They never pursue stories that challenge the pro-choice side. This is a fact RTÉ cannot dispute.

Right so.

Pro Life demonstration takes place in Dublin (RTÉ)

Hear Both Sides

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